Multirow report execution

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I wish that the multirow functionality, as is available for tasks, becomes soon available for reports too. 

Hello Harm,


Could you specify which context of multirow functionality in tasks you are referring to? What are you trying to achieve? 


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Harm asked this question underneath this blog. That's the context.

Hi Bart,

See Jasper's post Multirow task execution

I'm using the function on a regular base to execute a task 1 time, while it affects all selected rows.

This would be very useful for reports too. 



What kind of reports do you use and do you have any idea if it is possible to work with xml data within these reports?

Maybe a practical example will help us imagine what you are trying to accomplish.

It will be used for analytical reports and overviews.

For example, to make an overview of sales orders per employee, issues which belong to projects, etc..

The user should be able to select 1 or more rows in a screen/grid. And the where clause in the report can make use of the xml to filter the data related to the selected rows.

With SQL Report builder, it wil be easy to achieve.

Without multirow , it is difficult to create a single PDF report, for a selection of rows.

That sound like a valid business case to me. 

As a workaround you could connect the report to a parent record which queries all related data. Of course you miss the user input of the record selection it that case.

Thanks for reporting this great idea!