Icons and labels from code that was installed via Thinkstore should be modifyable

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Hi, I have an installed Thinkstore solution that also adds icons and translations to my project. For example the awesome solution “trace fields” which comes with blue icons. This conflicts with the design of our application and I want to replace them with material black icons. I could ofcourse open the base project and modify it there. However once there is a new version in the Thinkstore this would break the upgrade option or would simply overwrite my changes. (not sure which one will happen)

This could be a question or idea, but I would like to change the icons within my project so that they match with the rest of the project.

The same goes for translations when I would like to use different words for something. Lets say in stead of “trace info” the client would like it to state “tracking info”. 

Hi Kasper,

Base projects are modifiable just are work projects. What you can do is go into the downloaded Thinkstore solution base project, my guess it's called something like TRACE_FIELDS, and add a new icon in that project. Then you can edit the exact location where the icon gets added to use you desired icon.

Hope that helps! 

What happens when a project from the Thinkstore gets a new version and you want to upgrade your implementation of it?

You can either download that version as a new version for that project, or place it in a separate project. But there indeed will be a difference between those versions. It will not overwrite your edited project version.

I do think it is unlikely that the Trace field solution will see any new version in the near future.

Hi Kasper,

I have discussed with my colleague and we recommend creating Dynamic model procedures in your Work project to overwrite the icons and labels coming from the base project. 

You can simply add Update statements for your work project for the objects that come out of the base project. Example:

-- Updates the form next group icon for all columns named insert_user
update c
set c.form_next_grp_icon_id = i.icon_id
from col c
join icon i
on i.project_id = c.project_id
and i.project_vrs_id = c.project_vrs_id
and i.icon = '<my icon name>' -- Name here the icon, for example "icon.svg"
where c.project_id = @project_id
and c.project_vrs_id = @project_vrs_id
and c.col_id = 'insert_user' -- Only for columns named "insert user"


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Nice! That looks like  a workable solution :)