IAM Emailing functionality

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Reason behind the below request is that currently, our soon to be published application will need to server approximately 6k users. Managing mass notifications through scripts and other non-automated actions is not efficient and can easily make mistakes.

We are in need of an email functionality within the IAM to communicate with the users.

  1. What this functionality needs to do is being able to store specified email templates by the IAM administrator.
  2. Be able to set automated emails based on specified template to be send out related to
    1. Actions done within the IAM from a user as alerts.
    2. User Activation & de-activation.
    3. User management related emails ( registration, unregister, account deletion, etc... )
    4. Sending informative and Notification emails (System Maintenance, Downtime, Planned upgrades)
  3. Have it linked to the Universal GUI under the Account Menu, for user System notifications within the published apps.

 The IAM sits on top of Indicium and the SMTP configuration can be used to send out the emails.


Please let me know what you think and if there is already the same idea posted share it to be voted.

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Can you give me a status update regarding this Idea?


@Spyros.Neofytou The idea is currently not placed on the backlog, like the idea's status reflects. When the idea is placed on the backlog, we will update the idea.

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This implementation initially focuses on point 2.4 - ability to send System email notifications to users from within IAM. Other points may be planned for a later release.

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From 2023.3, you can send email notifications from IAM to users. Use this, for example, to inform users of an application about planned system downtime. You can only email users with a registered email address in IAM.

To send notification emails, you must first set up an email provider for IAM (menu Settings > Global settings > tab Email providers). Note that it may be necessary to register the From email address at your email provider to send emails from that address.


 An email provider for notification emails


Then, configure a template for your notification email. Templates are available in the menu Settings > Global settings > tab Email templates > tab Notification email templates. If a template is available in the user's preferred language, they will receive it in that language. If not, IAM uses the default template.


You can personalize the email with parameters in the template's email body. The current options are {first_name} and {sur_name}. They will be replaced with the users' first name and surname. If the information is not available, the parameter will be left empty. You can use this, for example, as Dear {first_name} {sur_name}.


 A template for a notification email


Now you can create the notification emails. This process is part of the existing user notification system in IAM. Select the task Add notifications  (menu Authorization > Tenants/Applications/User groups/Users). Select a Notification type (Email notification) and an Email template. A preview is available but cannot be edited here. IAM checks the notification queue every 10 seconds. If an email notification has been added, it will be sent.



Add an email notification


We implemented only the part of the Community idea that has been described here. The rest of the idea needs further research and consideration. We have created a new User story to investigate the remaining ideas.

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