Have separate icon for a filter when Active and when Inactive (on/off)

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Goal is to have a separate icon defined for a filter when Active and a different one for Inactive.


We came to a situation where we need to have a filter icon more visible towards when active or inactive. Currently the only separation between the 2 states is the underscore under the icon itself.

The idea is to be able to define the icon for Active like


and when Inactive like

We can use icons of opposite state for defining the Active and Inactive state.

Hi @mperrott  looks like we have the same idea. I posted Styling active pre-filters with different icon earlier and have 1 upvote which makes this the best idea :-D

Hi Jaap,

I would have voted yours but I missed it, end goal is the same so it needs to be merged :)


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Hi @Mark Jongeling, 15 updates 😉 Yes!
Is it possible to post an status update about this open idea?

Not much to tell I think, it's not yet on the backlog but seeing the amount of votes, I'm sure this will be on there in some time. The idea first has to be thought out well and implemented by multiple teams, so the Universal GUI team also needs to have time for this :wink:

At first glance, the Software Factory implementation is quite simple as you would only have to upload another icon for it. For the GUI on the other hand, it might be challenging but to be honest, I'm not the guy that can judge the implementation in the Universal GUI :sweat_smile:  Keep the votes coming!

PI is working on Icons in database | Thinkwise Community (thinkwisesoftware.com) right now. I thought maybe it can be combined with each other :yum:  

Basically this is an essential feature the Universal GUI must have and will be used everywhere. A similar functionality like ticking a checkbox and enabling/disabling (activating/deactivating)something.

@Jaap van Beusekom, Correct, we are working on that and we hope to have the idea implemented by 2021.3 but we are also working on other features which have more priority over the Icons in database idea. I understand combining them looks like a good idea, but considering the complexity of the idea, it's not desirable to combine these ideas and implement them both.

(I actually started working on that Icon idea :wink:  but it is quite a big change and has a lot of impact that we likely will implement over multiple versions; this also to limit the impact of the 2021.3 version)

@Spyros.Neofytou, I understand this idea is great and I also think it should be implemented, but it's also important to prioritize all features and ideas to be implemented. The most I can do right now is passing on that this idea is very much desired by our Community, should be looked at, and considered to be implemented.

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I’d like to see this added 👍