Disallow all prefilters inside a group to be inactive

  • 21 February 2019

In certain cases we combine different data subsets in one table and use excluding prefilters in a prefilter group to switch between the different subsets. For example one table contains both fiscal and calendar years and with excluding prefilters it's possible to switch between the two. However if the end-user disables both prefilters both year types show up in a list. This means that the data set in the list becomes too large leading to wrong sums in the aggregation bar among other things.

I would therefor like to propose the option to make it mandatory to have a prefilter active inside a prefilter group. In practice this would mean it's impossible to deactivate a prefilter by simply clicking on it. A user would have to activate another prefilter to deactivate the previously activated one. This would prevent a data set in the list to be too large.
Hi Roland,

Excellent idea, this feature is already on our backlog.

I don't expect this feature to make it in the upcoming Thinkwise Platform 2019.1 release, but I'd be surprised if it isn't availabe with the 2019.2 release.
Great to hear. Thanks!
Love ideas like this. Simple and I guess easy to implement as well.