Disable domain datatype default settings

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Currently when adding or editing a domain, changing the datatype leads to several default settings, which could be useful. For example, choosing the datatype nvarchar(max), leads to setting the control to multi line and form field height to 3.

Next to that, changing the datatype of an existing domain, which already had a control set to it, leads to setting the control to null.

Personally I’am not to fond of this response. For example say you need to change a datatype from a tiny into a small int. This will lead to setting the control back to null (without informing the user). This could lead to a change with huge consequences.

I would prefer that the datatype does not set any of these settings by default. Also the form field height is very often not required to be more then 1 when using a nvarchar(max). The same goes for the control multi-line. 

It would be of great help, if this setting could be disabled.

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