Copy To Clipboard control on a Domain

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Hi all,

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a copy to clipboard for specific fields to make the life of the user easier.


The User does not need to mess around trying to Select, Highlight then copy with keyboard Ctrl+C then Ctrl+V or right click when allowed to Copy+Paste etc… Too much hassle too many operations.


This could be easily created for both the Web and Universal GUI.

  1. A Control could be added on the Domain for enabling the Copy to Clipboard. 
  2. That would show a small icon for Copy to Clipboard on the related field (form, grid)
  3. The value of the field to be copied to Clipboard.

How does that sound?

Anyone else have additional input for such functionality and amend the above, please let us know in the idea comments.



We are running a bit into limitations of the input controls. Not all input controls are well-suited to have another button for copying to clipboard.

Having exclusive domain controls for copying to clipboard would mean the other buttons such as look-up, open editor for html/multiline and such would not be available.

We are looking into an alternative that will allow developers to more dynamically copy data to the users’ clipboard for specific situations.

Instead of relying on the user using a control, we want to add this feature as a process action.

This will allow you to dynamically assemble the correct text to be copied to the clipboard without having to place it in an input field on a table or task. Furthermore, it may save the user a click and allow the developer to follow up with additional actions after the data has been copied to the clipboard.

A typical flow could be as following:

  • User selects a customer row in the UI
  • User either clicks or uses a hotkey to activate the table-bound task ‘Copy address to clipboard.
    • This task does not have visible parameters so no pop-up is shown
    • This task does not have logic
  • A process flow is initiated. The process logic after the no-code task assembles the address using the parameter information of the correct customer and stores it in a variable.
  • The new process action ‘Copy to clipboard’ is performed using the variable as input parameter
  • A subsequent process action ‘Show message’ informs the user that the address has been copied to the clipboard.

Would this match your use case?

Hi @Anne Buit ,

The above would be suited it is well explained and it will work for us. 

But as a recomendation it would be best to also include what I mention above so that developers could define which controls suited on the specific fields in a form.

For example we can control if a form field is a lookup, has a drop down, etc, and it always occupies the field width with the default actions for it. Why not have it flexible for non lookup fields on a form to a setting to allow ‘Copy to Clipboard’ icon. This is common in many websites for form fields to offer a copy to clipboard, eg. In azure App service I can ‘Copy to Clipboard’ any of the Form values.


Can we develop as first step what you suggested and as a second what I mention above?

OpenNext release

We added this as a new process action rather than a Domain control. The decision has been made as we see that the process action is more versatile that a Control. 

The process action Copy to clipboard will allow developers to comprise a value and copy this into the user's clipboard. This can be a single column value, multiple column values combined, or something else. (Universal GUI only)


Little thing to add here. As a quick win for platform version 2023.2, we also added the Copy to clipboard domain control. This only works for Form fields.

Domain control

Both the Universal GUI and the Windows GUI can make use of this control. It provides a quick way of copying the value of the field, without the need of a process flow. 


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