'Copied from base model' doesn't give me enough insights

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Some parts of your model can be created thanks to a dynamic model or from a base model.

When it's created as part of a base model the text 'Copied from base model' is show by the generation info.



Not only is the label 'By control procedure' not fully correct but the data doesn't give me enough insights, because sometimes there is something wrong in the base model and I want to fix that.

But then you have to answer the question in which model do I need to fix that? Which you can from the user interface......

Now i need to go to the database, query the right table to look for the object and search for one record that isn't generated.


Lot of work and not doable for every developer.


It would help me if the value in the control procedure would display: 'Coped from base model: {model_id}'



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