Add option to disable column property Identity in tool Copy Columns

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In the datamodeler when add columns you have the option to select a set of columns and copy these columns into the selected table. I use this tool quite often. Unfortunately this copy option also copies the Identity setting from the selected columns. In 99% of the cases that I use this option I do not want this property to be copied.

I sometimes forget that this property will be copied. The result is a table where by accident a column has been marked as Identity column. It would be a of great help if you have the option to disable the Identity property when using this copy function. The function already has such a checkbox for the property Primary Key



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Great idea, but why not set the copy identity to a default of false? Like you said in 99% of the cases this is not the wanted result. Should the default not be set to the most used option?


That would be a great addition yes. This checkbox should be set to false by default.