Add a Role view to IAM, where you can see which user groups are linked to a role

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Every now and then we run into to the problem that there is no easy way to see which user groups a role is linked. You can easily see which roles are linked to a user group but ,for example, it’s currently not easy to find which user group have the role “Read Contracts” linked to them. 


Hi Harry,

In Models > Branches > Roles you can see an overview of the roles a model/branch has. From there in detail User groups you can see which User groups are linked to it by viewing the Active checkbox.

Role overview
Linked User groups

This does give an overview you might be looking for. Does this suffice?

Hi Mark, 

Thanks for the quick response. That’s exactly what I am looking for!

I thought it did not exists since it was not featured in the Authorization menu where you can find similar configurations. But that’s the topic for another Idea maybe 😉

Could you close this idea?