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Vertical list (Screen type)

  • 9 July 2019
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For most cases horizontal lists are the way to go as it displays the value from left to right. But sometimes I would like to be able to make the list vertical. For instance when I'm comparing products I would like to have a vertical list so I can see all the differences side by side. Product comparison websites also use this, see:

I think this could make our end products even more great with creating the Wow-effect. Let me know if you agree!

3 replies

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Totally agree. You could probably achieve this by creating a view with a pivot. However, a pivot is not the best option with performance in mind.
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Thank you for the proposed feature, we see the benefits this feature can bring!

A quick research shows that it is pretty simply to enable this feature:

Further research is required for advanced situations and the possibilities in the Web GUI. We will create a User Story on our Product Backlog and implement this feature in the future!

Kind Regards,
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Thanks @Roel ! Great to see this is going to get implemented.