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Translating domain elements

  • 30 July 2019
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From time to time we want to show the translation of domain elements in combined strings. For the time being there isn't really an option to get the translations from the SF (except for some laborious dynamic code), so we tend to translate them hardcoded (eg. case when 1 then 'male'...). To us it would seem to make a lot of sense to have a function that gets the translation like the GUI would show it. So something like dbo.tsf_get_translation @language_id, @object_id (or smth. like that).
Now it would also be great if we could ask the GUI what the current language is set to...

3 replies

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I like the idea, I often need this functionality, to create functionality for value lists which are maintained by end users. Think about product catalogs etc.

For me just a function dbo.tsf_user_language() would help a lot and a similar kind of function that would be useful is dbo.tsf_user_timezone()
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I would also like to have a function to get the translation of a message from the model, in the current language, with variables (e.g. validation messages - MRP).
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We also experience the same problem so i hope a solution can be provided by Thinkwise.


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