Show labels which use icons as detail of said icon.

  • 16 April 2020
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In the Software Factory, we have the Icons screen where we can find every icon used in our project. However, if I reuse the icon for a label, this icon gets duplicated in my overview.

As a result my overview gets crowded with identical icons: 

I would prefer to see the used labels as a detail list per icon. This would motivate the reuse of icons, because I would have a much more streamlined overview of all icons.

This would also make the list of icons more manageable: instead of altering an icon per label, I can change a group of labels in one alteration of an icon. 

2 replies

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The disadvantage of grouping by icon would be that you can’t easily check whether similar labes have the same icon.

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I beg to differ; if, in my vision, the icons get grouped and the list of labels containing an icon would become a detail (like in screen types), it would become even more easily to check. The overview would be more focused on that specific icon. If a similar label would have the same icon, it would still stand out.