Resource scheduler graphic and layout features

  • 3 July 2020
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For context

  • I usually have very few resources per user, but it can grow op to dozens at certain times
  • My resources have very short names (5 characters usually)

The things that bother me at the moment:

  • Resources are a small font that I can't seem to be able to change, so I get a lot of empty screen real estate
  • The height of appointments are static and
  • Word wrap on appointments is not available on Windows

I think the resource scheduler would benefit from some of the following more graphic and layout features:

  • Dynamic font size on resources, or maybe a specified font and size which could be done in the extender an/or theme
  • Dynamic appointment row height (accounting for overlap with other appointments)
  • Word wrap in all GUI's

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+1 to all of the above

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Hi Henk-Jan,

We will take these suggestions into account when designing the resource scheduler for the Universal GUI.

(We won't be working much on the scheduler for the Windows and web GUIs anymore. In addition, the scheduler component we use has quite a few limitations that are difficult to get around.)