Reduce clickiness of the data modeller

  • 19 June 2019
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Would it be an option to add little icons in the top bar of entities in the data modeller, like in my mock up below? The functions would be the same as in the context menu with the red question mark.

My reasons for asking are twofold:
  1. It takes three clicks to switch one entity to another display mode, at least two more than I'd like;
  2. Often I find myself staring at the little screen and wondering what it was I had intended to click on arriving there: "Full view is already selected, primary key is displayed and only title is not what I was looking for. Now what?"
The white X would of course replace the red one in the context menu, the maximize/restore button switches between full list or just keys, and the minimize button minimizes to title only. The upgrade button is reserved for future use.

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3 replies

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I like the idea. The data models I make are getting too big and this solution can help me for sure.
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Hi Mark, thanks for uncovering the image. At my side it showed while editing the post, but now it is not there anymore. Now when I edit, it is shown as base64. Peculiar... I'll leave it as is an refer people to your post for the image 🙂
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Hi Boudewijn, thanks for the idea. We'll certainly keep this in mind when we are going to develop the data modeler for the Universal GUI.