Process action authorization

  • 11 September 2020
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A client has a specific wish to be able to authorize process actions within a Process flow. The case is that there are two different roles, namely Opportunity and Assignment. Each of these roles have access to a task that changes the Status of and Opportunity.

The difference between the roles is that:

  • User1 with Opportunity role → can change the status and create an opportunity after
  • User2 with Assignment role →  can change the status and create an assignment after

The process flow starts when activating this task and to determine what the next action is, we would like to apply authorization. User1 should only be able to create an opportunity after executing and not an assigment and User2 vise versa.

Alternatively someone would say, why not make two tasks? The problem is there are also users with both roles and they would see the same task twice so that option doesn't work sadly. The task in combination with the process flow needs to be able to alter it's course on the basis of the users’ role(s).

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