New proces action to open filter

  • 17 July 2019
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Currenty on a table there is an option "Start empty with filter". We use this option in a scheduler scheduler screen, as for different users the number of rows can vary and have negative results on performance.

But the majority of user only have a limited amount of resources to manage in the scheduler. So an idea to create a processflow to determain wheter we're looking at the data as a "power-user" or not and so starting with an empy filter or not is not possible in a processflow.

So an extra process action would be appreciated: "Open Filter" or something like this.

Also ordering alphabetically in the possible actions, or a pop-up would make life easier....

2 replies

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Hi Henri,

Users may influence "start empty with filter" using User preferences from IAM.

It's a shame we do not support User group->Group preferences on this settings yet.

Maybe you could insert a User preference record for each Power user in Users->User preferences->Tables.

Does that do the trick for you?

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Good tip; didn't know of that option in IAM/User preferences. That'll do the trick....