Let reset_reachable_objects use my previously entered parameters as default

  • 29 May 2019
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The task to find reachable objects under a menu is a helpful tool to find obscure locations in the application.

As drawback, in my opinion, there are quite a few parameters to fill out before one gets to the parameter of interest. After looking up five or six tasks in this fashion, it is getting tedious to select platform, tick shortest path, select tasks and squeeze the taskname of interest in the letterbox.

Would it be possible to use my last entry as a default for the next? Mostly, once working on one platform, I would then search for another object on the same platform, or, when finding out something about one object, I would do the same for each platform.

Somewhat further fetched: I would love to just enter the object name or translation and let the SF find out that this object only exists as a task and then give me the shortest path on each platform. If the name is ambiguous, the task could come up with comboboxes to refine my query to a specific object type.

2 replies

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Would it be possible to use my last entry as a default for the next?
That should definately be feasible.

Any other tasks for which you want to remember the last selected parameters too?
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First to come to mind is task copy_col_to_tab, where nine out of ten times I turn off the check box "Primary key".

Task copy_project_vrs uses a default project version increment of 0.10, that is not used in any of the projects I have encountered. Using the same increase as was used last time (in case of numeric version names) would be great.

All of those are minor usability issues for me, maybe not even perceived as such by the majority of users. Implement at your leisure 🙂