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IAM Group new objects for a project version

  • 19 April 2019
  • 2 replies

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I would like to group the new objects in a project version (see below).

-> Reference
-> Table tasks
-> Table reports
->Task parameters
->Report parameters

2 replies

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Hi Andre,

This should be quite doable.

There are quite some objects on the same level in this structure. Menus, tables, subroutines, process flows are all on the root. Columns, prefilters, table tasks, details are all under a table. Would objects first be grouped per type of object?

For example:

- customer
- Columns:
- customer_id
- company_name
- address
- status
- Prefilters:
- active
- recent_contact
+ Details:
+ Table tasks:
- plan_activity
+ Table reports:
+ invoice
+ stock
- approve invoice
- Parameters:
- invoice_id
- comment
+ mark_completed
+ plan_activity

Or would it be more ideal to provide them with an icon to indicate the type and reduce the complexity of the tree:

- [t] customer
- [c] customer_id
- [c] company_name
- [c] address
- [c] status
- [p] active
- [p] recent_contact
- [*] plan_activity
+ [t] invoice
+ [t] stock
- [*] approve invoice
- [p] invoice_id
- [p] comment
+ [*] mark_completed
+ [*] plan_activity
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Hi Anne,

The second solution with an icon would also be great!
Most important is to have the related objects in a tree view.


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