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  • 31 July 2019
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Hotfixes for the Thinkwise Platform are released on regular basis. Now, I have to subscribe to the updates and releases subforum at the community to be notified.

I'd like to be able to get notified about hotfixes and execute them from within the SF. In the current situation I have to open TCP, download the Deployment Center application for the hotfixes, and execute them. It would improve the developer experience if this gets easier.

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As customer I also totally agree! I can give you a recent example:

Today I tried to copy an IAM user. The following error was given.

When I looked into the stored procedure (task_copy_usr) and entity (usr_pref_tab_prefilter_col) in the IAM database I found the reason. When a user add a prefilter the IAM is creating a few records in the detailtab "User prefrences". By using the task in IAM to copy a user it's trying to copy the user preferences as well. By inserting a varchar-value into a int column the task fails.

After my research I wrote a new topic and found out that there still is a hotfix for this specific problem.

🔥 Hotfix - SF 2019.1 - get_gui_tab_variant_col performance
Updates and Releases

Now I first need to download and execute the Hotfix(es).