Extra column option 'Hide at first use'

  • 21 February 2019
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Showing a minimum required set of columns at first use in grid views will help the adoption of applications. For this an option like 'Hide column at first use' would be useful.

Later on, advanced users can decide to show extra columns, for example trace columns, themselves.

As developer I would like this as an extra column grid option (Default Hidden) in SF. Or as 2 additional element values for the Grid Type: 'Regular - Default Hidden' and 'Read Only - Default Hidden'

In IAM, application managers should be able to overrule this option and force columns to be hidden at first use.

3 replies

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Personally, I dont think this should be an option within the Software Factory. These are user preferences and are part of IAM.
I think your solution could be achieved via user group user preferences or by giving users a default set of user preferences to start out with. The latter option requires an additional screen in IAM.
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This wish is outstanding for many years. As far as I know, this is not yet possible in IAM, because column settings cannot be set in advance for user groups. I believe it could be achieved by some small adjustments in IAM.

Having this option in SF gives developers the possibility to mark which columns are intended for advanced users.
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Actually, I think this idea can be quite useful to keep your application clean without restricting users in what information they can choose to display in grids.