Deprecated flag on tables and columns

  • 16 July 2020
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I would like to:

  • able to mark individual tables and individual columns as deprecated;
  • able to switch the visibility of deprecated tables and columns on and off in the table design view;
  • ...get warnings on using deprecated tables and/or columns during the validation step of the creation proces

3 replies

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This sounds like a very technical wish. Why would you want to do this? Which problems will this solve? When do you mark a table “deprecated” and when do you remove it (the deprecated table)?

I could try and think of some reasons, but I would rather read the real reasons for you guys. 

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Hello Ester,

You are right. This is a technical wish. For example: Right now we’re developing a new article structure. The new article structure uses some of the old tables and some of the old columns, but not all of them. But the old structure is still needed untill we’re sure everything is correctly converted. 

Some developers have a working knowledge of the new and old structure. But others don’t. So the administration of the tables and columns that need to be removed in the future is done somewhere else. I would like to have this administration in the SF itself.

Besides that, it’s also a bit more difficult to get a good impression of the desired structure in the design view when there’s no distinction between the columns that need to stay and the columns that need to be removed in the future.

Hope this helps!


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Hey Nathan,

Thanks for your explanation. I see lots of people voted for this, so that helps a lot with getting this on the backlog.