Send a request to an API from a Thinkwise project

  • 15 October 2020
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How can i connect to an API from Thinkwise? I build an CLR assembly in Visual Studio to send requests to an API.

In SQL Management Studio is it possible to create an stored procedure that's linked to an CLR assembly. Then is it possible to execute the assembly.
In Thinkwise I created a subroutine to add the CLR assembly. (This works fine). But how can I execute this CLR assembly by using functionality or subroutines?


Or is this not the way to send requests to an external API?

2 replies

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I think the way to go is using process flows. With process flow you can for example do a http request. Having CLR's in the database can be challenging, especially to maintain. With newer versions of SQL Server it even becomes more strict. We've had CLR's before, but due to the pricing model of Managed Databases in Azure, we’ve replaced the CLR functionality with process flows.


Thanks! This helps me a lot! Much easier than I thought