Search field in screen type - how does it work>

  • 2 July 2020
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I have made 2 views (copy) of a table with some data - and would like to perform a search on this. 
I have made 2 screen types, one with a filter form and one with a Search form at the top, both have a grid below.  

The filter works well. In Subjects i’ve checked ‘Start empty with filter’, so this prevents (I assume..) the loading of the 1000’s of records that are not needed. I filter on a number, and it shows the corresponding lines. 

In filter, I expect to load all records, and search for the value, but the button ‘Search’ appears to be dead. Anything I need to check to get this working? What did i miss?


Also, can anyone tell me the difference between a Search and a Filter? 

Filter - hides all non-matching values I suspect (but they are there in the background)

Search - ?


Trying to figure this out to assure some efficiency. 

Thanks for the input!  

6 replies

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Search highlights the first row that matches the search description, without filtering the data on screen.

Filter actually filters the data and returns only the rows matching the search criteria. In most cases you would probably want to use the filter option. 


Search form however, this screen type object does not seem to work correctly currently. I have reported this as a bug. 

Please note that you can always search using right mouse button and selecting 'find’.




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@Erwin Ekkel  

thank you for looking in to it. let me know when it is fixed. 


the reason i'm looking into search is this; I have a table with A LOT of record. And it will grow as the app is used. So, performance wise I thought. Open the grid, do not load anything, search, and only show relevant lines. 

Now however with a filter I get all lines and only hide the irrelevant ones. Which makes my performance slower and takes up a lot more bandwith. 

Is there perhaps any other way this can be achieved?

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What GUI are you using?

With the windows GUI using filter with the setting 'Start empty with filter’ is the way to go. When opening the screen this retrieves no data. Then when applying the filter it only retrieves the relevant rows. 

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Hi Erwin,


I use the web interface. Does this make a difference?

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Hello Blommetje,

I am not sure how the web interface handles this. Perhaps someone with more experience regarding the web interface can answer this.


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The Web Interface should work the same, except it applies data pagination by default by loading only 25 records in memory (only the visible once in the grid). In the SF at subject level you could configure this settings.

How did you configure the data limitation options on this subject?