How to adjust the size off a popup window using Universal GUI?

  • 19 November 2020
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In the app we are currently building we have a screen with 7 items. When we only had 6 items, the screen was shown in 1 column. After we have added an extra item (number 7) the screen is divided into 2 columns, while the screen could be made larger to show all items in 1 column. Can we set this up somewhere? We use the Universal GUI. It does not seem to respond to the "No of columns in form" setting


NB. In the Windows GUI the (7) items are shown in 1 column

2 replies

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Hi Marc,

Currently the size of the popup is not resizable and is decided by the GUI itself. In the next sprint of the Universal GUI, they will be working on getting the Universal GUI to support more Software Factory settings. 

Hope this answers your question.

Kind regards,
Mark Jongeling

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Okay Mark


We'll wait for the result of that sprint :-)