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  • 13 November 2020
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Is there a way to hide all the action buttons (so including the Refresh button)? We are using a Detail Tab in the Screen Type and we would like to see all the action buttons, including the white-space, to be hidden.


ps. Turning off the ‘Navigation’ checkbox does not help.

2 replies

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I think if you create a Layout procedure, assign it to the page and click ‘Generate’ on the Result-tab. It shows something like this: 

-- 0 = enabled, 1 = disabled, 2 = hidden.

@add_button_type         tinyint output,
@update_button_type    tinyint output,
@delete_button_type     tinyint output,
@confirm_button_type   tinyint output,
@cancel_button_type    tinyint output,


Go back to your code on the tab Templates and write when you want this to work.


if (@status = ‘Final’)
 set @update_button_type = 2  
 set @delete_button_type  = 2


This should turn off the update and delete button if the @status is final. 

Here some more info

However, turning of the refresh… That I do not know. My guess is…  you can’t… 

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This is not yet possible in the Universal GUI. Also to add, if you disable the Refresh button, data in that Grid could not be refreshed unless closing and reopening the screen. But considering the layout of your screen, it's probably not a problem.

Feel free to create a topic in the ideation section for this.

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Mark Jongeling