Write result of HTTP connector to Azure file storage

  • 8 June 2022
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How do you write the result of an HTTP connector via a Write file to an Azure file storage?

I followed the steps described in:

In the log I get the message:
[ERR] Process action 'write_file' in processflow 'write_product_to_excel' returned the following message: Process action 'write_file' in processflow 'write_product_to_excel' was not provided a (valid) value for its 'File location' parameter. (ca3b443c)

How should the File location be configured?

I have now setup the following

The project contains the storage location bc_customer_data:

The process flow variable is created as follows:

I configured the write file connector in the following way:

In a process procedure the file name is set:



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Hi Vincent, 

It works, setting the variable with the file name in the first decision was the solution. Thank you very much.

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Can you show the process flow and where in the process flow do you set the parameter value for the file path? 

The process flow looks like this. For testing purposes is also write the HTTP connector content via a decision to a database.

The Write file process action has the option ‘Use process procedure’ checked. In the assigned process procedure the file name is set.


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Hello Pierius Lycklama A Nijeholt,

The process procedure is execute after the process action, so the process variable with the file name is set too late. If you’d set the process variable in the process procedure of the first Decision process action, it would work.

I hope this helps