White line showing up above custom keyboard

  • 17 November 2022
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Best Community,

We use a custom keyboard (Enterprise Keyboard) on our Zebra ET40 tablets. When using the Enterprise Keyboard in our Thinkwise program (Universal GUI), it shows a thick white line above the keyboard (see App_Screenshot). When looking at the browser version of the program, it seems like the white line is created because of the saved passwords (see Website_Screenshot). However we also get this white line when we are not logging in. We tried using the keyboard on different apps like Google and the line did not show up there (see Google_screenshot). Does anyone have a solution to remove this white line or to make sure it does not show up?



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4 replies

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We've got an item on our backlog about this, which we hope to get resolved in one of the upcoming sprints. 

The involved tickets about this claim, it only happens in combination with OpenID login and specific on iOS devices. Is that the case here too?

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Hi Erik

Glad this problem will be resolved soon.
Our situation is different from what you describe. We have the problem on Android devices.
Logging in to our application is done with the normal Universal login screen.
The thick white line appears on all input fields (as soon as the keyboard is shown)

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Hi Marc,

It is only appearing on the Zebra tablets? What if you connect to the application with a random Samsung or Apple tablet or phone? 

And what happens if you go to a web-site like this:

Does it matter for the Zebra tablet what kind of input (type) control gets the focus?

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Hi @Marc Ferket,

We would still like to hear your response to Erik his questions. Thanks in advance! :)