What is the Windows equivalent of the List Folder Process action?

  • 18 January 2023
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  • Hi,
    I need to process a large number of files in a folder, one by one.
    The files are in a folder on the local machines of the users.
    At the start of the process I do not know the name of the folder, and I do not know the names of the files.
    The application is using the Windows GUI.

    In a process flow I first ask the user to select the folder.
    This goes well.
    Then I need to find the names of the files.
    I would like to use the List Folder connector, but that is only supported in the Universal UI.
    And we are on Windows.

    - Because the files are on the local machine of the user, using SQL Server to get the file names also is not an option.
  • Placing the files on a server instead of local machines also is not an option.

    How do I create an equivalent of the List Folder process action that will work for my application?


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2 replies

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Hey Theo,

The list file connector lists files in a folder you give as an input. But it has to be accessible to the Indicium that executes this system action. 
You are saying that the folder is on the local users machine, which would mean indicium cannot access those folders. In this case, the system action would also not work in an universal - indicium enviorment.

With kind regards,
Edo Spijker

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Hi @Edo Spijker ,

I understand what that the system action does in Indicium on the server.
But I need an equivalent local action in the Windows GUI on the local machine...