What happend with Tile Icons?

  • 1 August 2022
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After the upgrade from version 2021.2 to version 2022.2, I found out that the tile icon field no longer exists in the Software Factory.



We are not happy about that.

What is the idea behind it? 

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4 replies

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Hi Harm,

Tile images have been removed in the 2022.1 release: https://docs.thinkwisesoftware.com/blog/2022_1#field-tile-image-removed

Alternatively you can create None logic tasks with the desired icon and place these in the Tile menu. Each of these Tasks can then open a certain document/screen via a process flow.

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Hi @Mark Jongeling ,

We are not happy with this choice at all :-(

Our interfaces often make use of the option to give the table a different icon than the tile. Mainly because the tile is larger than the space in the document tab.

We have just delivered a very nice application, which now needs to be completely adapted again. In my opinion was this was not a redundant field.

Hopefully it can be rolled back or a better alternative than creating dummy tasks will be arranged. Being able to assign images to menu tiles would be nice.


See some examples below:








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Hi Harm,

The icons your are using, what extension do they have?

Our vision is that SVG icons are immensely useful for applications as it can be resized and recolored by the application. When using Universal GUI, it also works in combination with Dark/Light theme and in Windows, the icons also get colors based on other component and label colors. 

Could you experiment with SVG icons and see if that resolves the need of separate Tile images?

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Hi @Harm Horstman,

We would still like to hear if the answer Mark provided, regarding the usage of SVG icons, helps in your situation.

Some additional information on using SVG-images in Thinkwise applications can be found in these blogs: