What could be the reason that the DeleteAppointmentTaskScheduler is working with the SF-model, but not in IAM?

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I have an issue with the DeleteAppointmentTaskScheduler. It works fine with the SF-model, but I can't get it working when I use the application in IAM. 


  • Same GUI (2022.1.18).
  • Extended property set in SF (not overruled in IAM, and not in ini-file).
  • Model rights for the task, parameters and tab task.
    The task can be used directly from the table. 
  • Database rights (execute task). 
  • Special characters

What else? 


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Can you compare the get_gui code's of the task when running this against iam and sf? Is there a noticable difference? 

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I compared the output of:

  • get_gui_extended_property
  • get_gui_task
  • get_gui_task_parmtr
  • get_gui_tab_task
  • get_gui_tab_task_parmtr

The is no difference in values. The only difference is the order of the column 'type_of_default_value’ in the get_gui_task_parmtr. 

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Also checked

  • get_gui_tab 
  • get_gui_col
  • synchronized to another IAM database (same as SF), and use the same end application database


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And the context procedure? Can you compare those?


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There is only a context procedure for the resource table of the scheduler. The scheduler tasks including the delete task are not connected to the resouce table. The tasks of the scheduler are all table tasks of the task view (without table task parameters).    

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You probably have to add it to your global configuration in IAM

Just add an extended property named: DeleteAppointmentTaskScheduler
With the value being the name of the task you want to trigger.


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That is indeed the solution. A little bit strange, but I guess they are going to fix it 😉