What causes the message 'We stopped hearing from Inidicum'

  • 6 December 2021
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Since the new version the generation process is done by Indicium. However, often this message is displayed; 

It usually disappears/appears a few times and the generation does not fail, but still, It does not look good to me. 

What is the cause of this message?



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29 replies

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Hi Mark,

We have two Indicium instances. One for development (SF) and one for production (end-product). The dev version seems to work fine in that it renews the license but still SF fails to connect to it. The logs stopped at 7:07 this morning. Indicium production doesn’t build up a log at all. I don’t understand why because this was setup for us and both use the same application pool and are under the same main website in IIS.

I downloaded the installation package yesterday with all hotfixes included.

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Hi Roland,

What said the latest log entry at 07:07? Indicium does needs its own application pool, you may not put two in the same pool. They can be under the same main website. Here more about it: 

Could you create a ticket for this in TCP? There you can attach the complete log and explain the infrastructure. This way we can see the probable cause and resolve it.

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The issue was finally solved by making sure every application pool contained only one web app. Then I found another rather long error message in the Windows event viewer which after some research turned out to be the result of the application pool’s set user account not having enough rights on the IAM database (login worked but without access to the actual tables in the IAM database). After I gave the account sysadmin rights in SQL Server the tables became accessible, no new errors appeared in event viewer and Indicium started successfully. The license was now also renewed automatically. Everything seems to be working normally now.

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Great to hear that Roland. Enjoy the latest version! 😁