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  • 6 January 2022
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Is there a way to view added emails to i.e an order like you can view photo’s and pdf’s by using a domain with control “Image upload” or “File upload” ?

4 replies

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We have managed to make several email integrations. Both for the Windows and for the Web GUI.

Through a lot of trying we have come to a reasonable result, including smart links with other entities in the application. We mainly use the Previewer component, both for displaying the email body and for attachments.

I would say, displaying email messages is quite possible, but it is challenging to come up with a robust solution that also works intuitively for end users.

Send a PM if you would like to know more about our solution.

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Hi Peter, 

What GUI are you using? And do you make use of the Thinkwise Exchange connector, do you want to preview .msg files, or do you want to use another method here?

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The most easy way (for now) for our ERP-users seems to save an incoming email as a .msg in a restricted directory and upload it to an order

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Hi Peter,

The Preview component supports displaying .msg files. When using this component in a screen type, it will display a preview for the file, URL or previewable content in the first column of the relevant table. Does this answer your question?