Variable value as constant line in cube view

  • 17 June 2024
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Is it possible to have a variable value (e.g., a value from a table) as the value for the constant line in a cube view? Currently, I have only managed to insert a value which is plotted in a graph, which is sufficient, but it would be great if the value could be based on a value which the user has control of (e.g., a target for a KPI which the user may manipulate).


Best answer by Ezgi Esen 26 June 2024, 10:16

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2 replies

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Hi Ezgi.

A Constant line is a constant value that does not change over time. Therefore it can only hold a constant value set up in the model at the moment. Feel free to create an idea for this!

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I understand that a constant line represents a value that does not change over time. It would be beneficial if this value were not so heavily dependent on the developer’s input in the Software Factory.

Users should also have control over this constant value. One way to achieve this could be by linking the constant value to a specific column in a particular table. Although this might seem contradictory to the concept of ‘constant’ and appear more dynamic, it could provide a more user-centric approach.

I’ve upvoted another topic that was created before my topic. To my understanding, it describes the same idea: