Universal theme not visible in Azure

  • 21 October 2021
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We have created and deployed our application in Azure using a classic theme and a universal theme which is selected as standard theme for the universal GUI. However, when logging into the deployed application (within in the Azure environment), the theme remains standard (blue). Does anyone has a solution for our problem?



Best answer by Kevin Rosink 9 November 2021, 14:31

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Hi Kevin,

Which version of the Universal GUI are you using? Can you run this following query on the IAM database and check its result? The result should have your project and project version using platform 3 (Universal platform) with the corresponding menu:

select project_id
from platform_menu
where platform = 3

Example of IAM:


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Hi Mark,


The result of the query shows that we are using 2021.1

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Hi Mark,


The result of the query shows that we are using 2021.1

Okay, not exactly what I was looking for but if your project and project version does not end up in the result of this query, that means your project does not use the platform Universal with the right menu.

I can also remember that there was an older bug that if you would have multiple menu's available for the Universal GUI, that there was a possibility that it selected the wrong one. Could you try to double check if the dedicated menu for Universal GUI is indeed the default menu for your Universal application and also only the only one available for Universal? If so, try and resync the project version to IAM and try again.

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For the version, this was the result:

We have turned off the second menu for the Universal platform:

And this is what the menu grid looks like:

And for the themes this is our configuration:

The theme still remains standard.

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I’m sorry, I got it confused with the Universal Menu, but you meant the Theme. The importance of a cup of coffee in the morning:sweat_smile:

Strange that the Universal theme is not visible in your application; it should just work like expected. I think we need to investigate a bit deeper. Could you report this as a ticket in TCP?

You could use the following query on the IAM database to check if the theme gets retrieved by the Universal GUI. If your theme is not in here, Universal does not have a theme to use I'm afraid:

select * from i_ui_theme


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Coffee is indeed unmissable,


We have executed the query, in SF we do not get any results, in IAM we get one record:

In the applications you can see that the application id we need the theme for is 5:

I will report this as a ticket in TCP, thanks for your help.

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The problem has been solved after updating to the new Universal 2021.3 GUI