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  • 29 May 2024
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We have plans to start to use the Universal GUI instead of the Windows GUI. But we are running into an issue regarding screen types. 

On all our screen types we try to maintain a standard layout for the taskbar, prefilters and the combinded filter. This looks like this:

In the Windows GUI it looks like this:

But in the Universal GUI it seems to show it in the opposite order, first the combined filter then the prefilters and then we see a action bar and then the tasks. This looks like this:

And user prefilters are also not grouped and all over the place:

If we would insert an actionbar screen component in the screen type, we do get the correct order in the Universal GUI:


But then the Windows GUI isn't correct anymore:

So it seems the Universal GUI is showing something completely differrent than what has been setup in the SF, or are we missing something?
Is there a way to have the same layout in the Windows GUI and the Universal GUI?


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Hello Benji,

Concerning the grouping of the prefilters, this is a known issue that is already on the radar of the team working on the Universal GUI.

Regarding the other situations: this behavior seems quite strange to me. Can you maybe convert this into a ticket in TCP so that it can be properly looked into? I think that that is the best approach for now.

Kind regards,


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@Benji van Kleef 

I dove into this a little bit more but there a few things you can try to check:

  • The docking position of the combined filter can be changed within the Software Factory through User Interface > Screen types > Screen components > Form > User Interface > Dock. This should in your case be set to ‘Right'.
  • The order of the items in the action bar can also be changed, I don't know whether this is applicable in your situation but for more information, check:

We have a similar setup for the user screen in IAM, which works fine, so it might also be worth mentioning which SF version and GUI versions you are currently using.


@Renée Evertzen 

Thank you for your reply. We are currently on SF version 2024.1 and GUI version 2024.1.14.2. 

Ill try the toolbar_order in the screen component, to see if this fixes the issue. 

Do you mean that you have a similar screen type that works just fine for both the Universal and the Windows GUI? Do you then also have the actionbar screen component added or did you add the toolbar_order to make sure the order are the same?


@Renée Evertzen 

I managed to make it work now with the toolbar_order function in the screen components. Thank you!

Do you know if there are any known issue for the “extra” option? when i add this in the JSON string and refresh my model and open this screen type, the GUI crashed and gives me this error: 

This is the JSON string i used: {"start": ["Extra"],"end": ["Crud"]}
Also tried multiple JSON strings but it only seems to crash when i add the Extra option. 

@Benji van Kleef It seems certain combinations or orders are prone to crash the GUI. I have reported a few crashes myself and eventually also made a TCP ticket (8769S), which is on the backlog still.

Here an example of mine that crashes the GUI:

{ "start": [ "Crud", "Tasks", "Search", "Prefilters" ], "end": [ "Reports", "CubeViews", "Extra" ] }

In my situation it is “Crud” that is causing the issue. Let’s hope it will get picked up in the not too distant future.

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@Mark_Plaggenborg : Thanks for referencing the TCP ticket that you've already created for this topic!

@Benji van Kleef : Unfortunately I do not have an answer to that question specifically. I am not a member of the Universal team so I don't have the required in-depth knowledge to answer that question properly.