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  • 17 May 2023
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In my Grid view, I have a prefilter with statuses. These prefilters should not be visible in the Form. 
These components (search/prefilter) are not set in the screentype. 

In the win gui; 




In the universal gui; 

Grid view
Form View 

Note; in win gui I can do a right click and see the prefilters. But that is far less intrusive. 


Why is this? If a screen type does not contain a Prefilter or Search Component.. why show it? 
And, how can I hide these on only the form in Universal? 

Thanks in Advance! 








Best answer by Tim de Lang 22 May 2023, 08:24

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Hi Alexander,

This is not the prefilter or search component in Universal, since Universal does not support those. Those components are pruned from the screen in Universal.

What is happening  is that the toolbar is placed on each component tab page, since the tab is the top level component. Universal doesn't have a ribbon, so we need to place these kinds of functionalities on the screen.

In the next version of Universal you'll be able to place the toolbar manually, then no automatic placement will take place. There will be a hotfix for the SF side as well.

Kind regards,

Tim de Lang