Universal GUI usability - what's your take?

  • 14 November 2023
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Dear Community,


The 21st of November I’ll have the honor to share in a Thinkwise Knowledge Session how we at Wagenborg have been taking advantage from the Universal GUI from the get go:

The Event description states a couple of topics around the central theme of Usability of which I will share our implementation:

  • OpenID & User Provisioning with Microsoft Entra (Azure AD)
  • Screen Type & Breakpoints design
  • CSS tweaks in custom.css
  • Multi-file upload implementation
  • Usability features like custom User Preferences and Teams integration

However, I am wondering: are there any other topics related to Usability that you would like me to cover?

Also, I am fully aware that we only use so much of the Thinkwise Platform and we're always curious to learn about the proud achievements of others! So I would like to invite you to share thoughts, ideas and implementations that you have been working on. Either in this topic or other topics at the Community or during the Knowledge session, as it would be great to have interactive conversations that drive innovation in our organizations!

To pitch some other topics:

Looking forward to (more) interactions and inspiration!

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