Universal GUI auto-save and starting a task with proces flow

  • 31 October 2022
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We want to create a flow where the end-user can enter a new record. There is a main form and a task bar at the bottom. A menu item is available which starts a task and a process flow. In the process flow the record for the main form is created, the document opened (table variant), the row is set on the new record id and edit modus is on. In Subjects » Settings the auto-save is On and in the screen types » Settings (Universal) Hide Main action bar is On. However, it seems that the task buttons are not available (active="false") when the form is in edit-modus. In the old version of Universal the task buttons were available. Do you have any idea what has changed to make this feature stopped working in our application? 

  • Old version: Universal GUI 2022.1.12 b1.0
  • New version: Universal GUI 2022.2.15 b1.0 (Platform versie: 2022.2)



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The tasks are on the same subject?

Normally tasks will get disabled after changes are made. In case of auto-save, they should stay enabled at all times, I whould say.

Sounds like we are having an issue here. Could you please report a ticket for this in TCP? 

Yes, the task are table tasks on the same table as the form. Thank you, I reported a ticket in TCP.