Unexpected behaviour in the universal GUI

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Hello everyone,

We have, in our software solution, two measurement systems. Imperial and metric. In the imperial form the numeric values are written down as fractions, so in nvarchar values. This is because that is the custom for the system in the countries that use the imperial system.

Because we know that can lead to some interesting things we added a regular expression to it so the user can only add a valid fraction. But when following the following steps some strange behaviour occurs:

  • I fill in a new machine (on the machine screen);
  • I fill in wrong values;
  • I get the validations as expected;
  • I try to hit cancel to get out of the screen;
  • The screen does not disappear;
  • The screen suddenly disappears and sometimes gives an unknown error after fixing the validations, I shall also add the Indicium log, as that may be of interest;
  • The same goes for adding, after fixing the validations it immediately adds the machine, this is not  very user experience friendly as it might be a slip of the pen.
  • See the video under this list to see what happens (it's a GIF).

In the video I will attach you see in the right scenarios (where I immediately fill in fractions) that it is automatically recalculated via a default. The default also stops functioning after doing this.

What  could be wrong?


Best answer by Mark Jongeling 17 June 2024, 14:43

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@SanderAdam I did encounter the same issue when applying Input Constraints on Domains. Somehow this constraint is also blocking the Cancel option. The only way to get out of the screen if clearing the triggered fields or correct the input.
I cannot confirm the default stopping, but that is probably related to the same functionality that block the Cancel button.

I did create a TCP ticket (9030S) for it and is on the Backlog. Hopefully it will be fixed soon, as the Input Constraint is a great feature, but not really deployable for users the way it block everything now.

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Hi Sander, Mark,

The ticket is placed high on the Universal GUI backlog. The backlog is quite filled up I'm afraid with more urgent tickets that pushed this issue down. I have asked internally to ensure the ticket will be looked at, "pokered”, so it is ready to be planned and solved for an upcoming sprint. However, I cannot promise that the ticket will be picked up in the next sprint.