TSFReportmailer and system flow

  • 2 November 2022
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Does the TSFReportmailer custom task work inside a system flow? I tried to do so but keep getting a -1 status code on the execute system task. The same TSFReportmailer task works fine in a system flow using Start task.


Best answer by Vincent Doppenberg 2 November 2022, 15:50

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Hello Hugo,

It does not. Indicium does not support custom tasks at all. Have you tried using a System Report process action to export a report to a binary process variable, combined with a Write Disk File process action to write the binary process variable to a disk location, combined with an SMTP connector process action to send an email with attachments?

System flows are approaching the point where they perform every action that the TSFReportmailer can perform, without the need for a custom task.

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Basically I want to replace the Reportingservice with a system flow. I need to be able to generate different reports, depending on the values in the rapport_queue. I tried the Generate Report proces action but it does not allow me to use a variable to choose a report.

Next possibility I am looking into is to use a http connector to call the report, since I will be able to insert the name of the report into the URL. This seems to work.


Adding a variable report_name to the Generate Report proces action would be nice, though I am not sure whether this would work with the report parameters.