The progress bar has disappeared since the latest GUI update

  • 14 July 2023
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Good day,

We have a task to upload a file using the file upload component. When a file is being uploaded using this task we expect a progress bar to appear under the field where the name of the file is displayed. This worked on GUI version 2023.

Since GUI version 2023. the load bar does not appear anymore. This load bar was used to indicate the user that the file was uploading and that the following task could not be started yet. Now it looks like the following:

The file upload pop up

The text of the file disappears for 50% and the load bar is not shown. The indication for the user is gone and now it's possible to accidentally hit the "execute” task before the file is fully uploaded. This could lead to improper processing of the file. Is this a bug in the latest version of the universal GUI?


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I can't reproduce this. Are you using any custom css for the universal gui? 

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I can't reproduce this. Are you using any custom css for the universal gui? 

We do use custom CSS, but as far as I know not for this field with the load bar. We do use it to colour certain buttons and other elements red (mostly for emphasis).

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Hi @Erwin Ekkel 

After we upgraded to Universal GUI 2023., we are still experiencing this problem. I have attached a gif to show the problem. We also disabled the custom css so this is not the problem.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi Andre,

It is on our current sprint to check this issue - another customer also reported this problem.

So hopefully it will be solved in the next release.


Dick van den Brink

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This issue will be resolved in the upcoming Universal GUI release (2023.2.13.0) and will be released as a beta release on the 25th of September als a week later as the official release.