Taking pictures from inside the Mobile GUI running on Android

  • 15 February 2019
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It seems that the image control behaves differently for Andriod devices compared to iOS.

On Android devices the option 'Take a Photo' is missing and the photo library opens immediately

Any idea how can this be solved?

Best answer by Leroy Witteveen 15 March 2019, 14:31

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7 replies

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Hi Harm,

I think I can help you out with this one. In Android, when tapping the 'choose file' button, it prompts you to select an app to do this. For example, you can select your camera, gallery app or Google Photo's. When selecting an app, you can tick the box 'Always use this app'. Is it possible that, when you first used this, selected the gallery and ticked that box?

Within Android, this feature is called 'default apps'. You can set or clear those in the settings on your device. For further information on how to achieve that, see this Android Help page:

I hope this was helpfull!
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Hello Jop,

Thanks for your suggestion, but I don't think this is a solution.

We have tried this on 2 different Android models and could not find this option. I believe that this should be a forced from inside the Mobile GUI.
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The problem with Android is that it depends on the systems browser and the manufacturers Android skin how the standard image upload functionality behaves. We are investigating possible workarounds or alternatives.
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But it is possible on my Android mobile phone. With the Marktplaats app I can choose between "Take a picture" and "Select a picture".

This is exactly what I want in my Thinkwise app.
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Hello Johan, the difference with the Marktplaats app is that the Thinkwise app is a hybrid app, which delegates file uploads to the systems browser, instead of a native app.

That said, we have found a workaround that will be released with the next version of the Thinkwise app!
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Hi Jasper, Okay I understand. But great news that you have found a workaround!!! Thanks! Look forward to test this workaround. Do you know when the next version of the Thinkwise app will be released?
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This is fixed in version 2018.3.013 of the Mobile GUI.

Instead of directly opening the file browser, the Mobile GUI will now let you choose between opening the file browser and opening the camera.