Size of modal document

  • 12 June 2024
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Is there a way to set the dimensions (Max Height, Max Width) of a modal document?

4 replies

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I was also looking for this last week, I don't think so because you can create an extended property (FloatingDocumentSize) for a pop-up.

It would be a nice addition if this was also possible with a modal document.

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Hi Harm,

It is currently not possible to influence the scaling of the opened Modal document.

Feel free to create an idea for this! Wherether or not this should be an extended property or part of the process action input parameters of the Open document process action will be up for debate. 

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@Harm Horstman @groos Could you give examples of when and where you would like to use this? Also, would you want this for other screens that show up as Modal as well, like the Task and Look-up screens?

If yes, would 1 generic sizing setting work for you, or would you need to be able to be more specific per Screen Type / Task? If more specific, would it be ok if the Screen Type for Modal would apply the same settings to the Lookup screen, provided the same is used in the Subject setup?

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@Arie V,  

Just one example is an stock/production planning screen where users have the option to create new work orders.

With a double-click task and process flow, we bring up a variant of the work order screen in add mode, with only a minimal number of input fields. This way, all the logic in the work order screen works and we don't have to recreate its logic in a complex task.

The idea of ​​adding popup width and -height (or something like that) as extra options in the subject seems like a good idea to me, if these values can also be set per variant. I think this can be used for many different scenarios. And yes, also for lookups it is sometimes desirable to be able to set the height and width.

Under the heading 'Lookup' this would be fine, but then be changed to 'Lookup/Popup'