Show data from connecting tables without a view

  • 17 November 2023
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When I have a table Activity with a connecting table to Item. This is the table Activity_item. Since I can connect several items to several activities. 

The connection table has 2 columns, activity_id and item_id, both the pk. 

The end user however would like to see more data from the item_table  weight, owner, position, etc. 

Currently we can one get this data by creating a view from the connection table, join the tables and show all data needed. This is quite unpractical. 
What other ways would be possible to solve this, since connecting tables will (almost) always need more data from the other tables. I do not want to save duplicate data of course.. 






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Hi Blommetje,

A other option I could think of is adding a expression field to your connection table. 

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Can you clarify why you want to avoid a view? Because it sounds like that's exactly what you are looking for?

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Adding to Erwin's reply, you can look into Meta auto or Meta custom views:

Those views do not require manual coding but are automatically generated based on your given tables and columns. Very handy for the more simple views. 

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Hi @Blommetje,

Were these reactions sufficient to solve your situation?