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  • 3 January 2022
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i setup a cube with 2 cube views, but i want to display it simultaneously in 2 separate charts.  Currently it’s visible in a single chart with a toggle button.

1 reply

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A cube can only show one chart at a time, but you could make two references to the cube to show both. This does require two different cube view (e.g. A and B). Then reference A shows Cube X with cube view A, and the other reference shows Cube X with cube view B.

In the screen type, make sure to have two containers both showing a Detail tab. One detail tab will have Detail group A and the other Detail group B. In Subjects > Table > Links > Details, you can set to show the correct Detail table variant and Detail group to ensure the charts are shown in the correct position.

Hope this gives you an idea :wink: