Screen type: Tiles + references via detail group (TabbedDetailTabPage) is a no go?

  • 25 March 2021
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We have a situation where we use tiles for the main grid's references. 

Then, we want to have a separate section (which is a view) on the same page where a selected record from the main grid will show related record from our view (in grid below - a TabbedDetalTabPage): we do that by creating a Detail group (P in our example below).


  1. To show the main grid at the top (which is a variant) + tiles (checked show detail tabs in variant), there is no problem.
  2. If we use the main grid (variant) + TabbedDetailTabPage (ref. to view), the connected detail group (‘P’ in our illiustration below) it works fine.
  3. However, if we want to show all, main grid (variant) + tiles + TabbedDetailTabPage (ref. to view), the tiles do not show, we get same as with 2.



  • is what we want here, possible at all?
  • what are we missing, or perhaps, our approach might be wrong?



Thank you



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This should function just fine as the project I work on also uses Detail tabs and Detail tiles for the same screen. The setup does require that the Detail tab container and the Detail tiles have a different Detail group. These also need to be set up in the Subjects → Links → Details page in the Software Factory. 

For example: 

Ref 1 = Details, Ref 2 = Tiles

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Thank you Mark,

I overlooked the fact that in Screentype → Design / for the Tiles component we can set the Detail group as well.

well yeah busy day. . . ;)