QR code payment link on invoice

  • 16 November 2022
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Hi, does someone has experience with putting a QR code for an ideal payment link on an invoice.

And is this somebody willing to share his/her experience.


Thanks to year from you.

3 replies

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Hi Edwin,

I think you could see the QR code as an image on your invoice. Using a service such as https://api.qrserver.com/v1/create-qr-code/ (I’m not affiliated or anything) you can create QR codes on-the-fly. The raw data is an SVG image.

Would that help out?

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Sorry, not really. It’s about an API with a payment service provider like adyen or mollie. They offer services to create payment links. I know with Mollie then can provide a QR code (which refers to the payment link) in the reply on the API request. 

But the references of the API’s most of the time don’t tell all hickups and constraints you certainly will run into when you start with using API’s. That’s the experience I’m looking for. Some who has done it and who can warn me for the pitfalls and the specifics of this kind of particular API’s. 

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Hi Edwin,

I think the most important part is to follow the API-reference documents to the letter.

Keep in mind that the user can at any step leave the payment process (close their browser). So not only send a user to the payment provider’s page to do their payment but also validate if the payment has been made successfully.

Dependent on the payment method (ideal/credit card/bank transfer) it can take a while for the actual payment to be completed. In those cases the payment provider will report back an ‘ok-message’ stating the payment process has been completed successfully. This does not have to mean the money will actually arrive. For example the user could have hit their credit card limit and the payment has been cancelled.

This means you have to implement several processes in order to completely process the payment.

  • User payment process: user is able to pay trough the payment provider service
  • Payment process completed: follow up process after a successful (preliminary) payment
  • Payment process not completed: follow up process after an unsuccessful payment
  • Payment final: batch process to validate the preliminary successful payments and process these accordingly
  • Matching of payment information from payment provider with bank statements: you want to validate that the processed payments match the associated bank account

Furthermore you need to have a way of handling a situation where the payment provider is not available. You don’t want to loose your customer when there is an hiccup with the connection or availability of the payment provider.

Finally, you want to log all your API calls with your payment provider without storing any sensitive information like credit card numbers. Please make sure you never store any of that information: leave that part to your payment provider.