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  • 21 November 2022
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We’re currently working on our CI/CD processes where we let Azure Devops Pipelines automatically deploy our environments. To validate whether the deployed environment is stable, we execute unit tests. This will give us an idea of the stability, but ideally we would also like to (automatically) execute process tests. This is currently not available in the Universal GUI and i don’t think we can execute them automatically on the Windows GUI.

So my question is when we can expect to run process tests in the Universal GUI and can we execute these process tests with for example odata calls? Or will there be an other way to execute these process tests automatically after deployment?


We’ve read the below topic but it doesnt really give a clear answer and is already a year old. We’ve hoped that there might be more information available at the moment.



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Hi Bram,


The current process test module in the SF will not become available anytime soon for the Universal GUI. 

We ourselves use Cypress: for the E2E test of the Universal GUI. I would recommend you to look into that, because this is also a great solution to test the functionality of the application and it can also be integrated in your CI/CD pipelines. It is also possible to make use of the test id's we’ve added for selecting elements in the DOM (check out for best practises). 

If you are interested in learning more about how we've implemented this, and how this can be applied to your own project(s), I invite you to join the (online) knowledge session about this on the 10th of january, next year. There will also follow a blog about the topics that are discussed during this session. 

I hope this anwsers your question for now.

Link to event: 

Kind regards,