Outlook mailadres via parameter and not mine default emailadres

  • 25 October 2022
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How can I make the mailer use one different email address in Outlook than my default email address. Have already tried reply_to, account, Is there any other parameter I should use? 



Best answer by Renée Evertzen 15 November 2022, 11:24

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Just making sure but are you sure that the value of the reply_to is actually used when sending the email? I'm not sure what kind of mailer you are using, which makes it a little hard to answer this question. Maybe you can share a couple more screenshots of how you have setup the mailer itself etc.?

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Helle Renée,

We have built the below mailer for the user.
The user has two email addresses. Now we want to be able to control in the mailer with which email address the mail should be sent. Have now added three parameters to test numbers 170 to 190. 

We now want the from in outlook not to have its own email address, in the example HLukassen... will be replaced by ribbed ... as the email address used to send the mail. How can I achieve this?


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Sorry for the late reply, this topic went under my radar for a few weeks.

I think you need to change the value of your e_mail parameter to the As that is the email address that you want to be sending the email from. This can then still be changed, since your parameter is editable. If you wish you can also determine which value this should have through use of a default, for example.

Does that help?

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The e-mail parameter is the email address to which the email has to be sent. 

I think we should use another parameter anyway

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Hi @H. Lukassen, Has the challenge been resolved or do you need some more assistance?